Dear Husband, I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Parenting


To my husband,

This stage of life is hard and we both make mistakes. But, the truth is – parenting sometimes doesn’t bring out the best in either of us. So, I’m I’m sorry for what I said when I was parenting.

I’m sorry I said the kids were great until right before you got home.

The last ten minutes before you pull in the driveway sets loose THE CRAZY. Someone throws a sucker punch, swipes a toy, or empties the miscellaneous basket with the loose Barbie accessories, holiday Happy Meal toys, missing puzzle pieces and a few stray Fruit Loops all over the living room floor. And someone is always screaming.

I’m sorry when that someone is me.

I’m sorry I said I’d take care of that one thing you asked me to do today.

I’m sorry what you wanted for dinner is still on the shopping list and not in the fridge. I’m sorry what you wanted to wear to work tomorrow is still in the hamper or maybe the dryer. I meant it when I said I would do it this morning, but then came the driving and the drop-offs and the cleaning and the tantrums and the snacks (so many snacks).

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